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In 2011, Clarity teamed up with Skillstream with a vision of delivering value for money workforce management solutions to the NHS to improve efficiency and deliver significant cost savings.

Skillstream has a proven track record in the development of workforce management software and a strong reputation for reliability, robustness and usability. Their clients include Royal Mail, IBM, Manpower, BNP Paribas, HSBC and EE.

In 2013, the healthcare agency supply market began moving towards vendor (agency) management solutions supported by CCS frameworks. Clarity has been successful in winning both neutral and master vendor contracts with a number of NHS Trusts. We currently operate 13 managed service contracts across trusts, local authorities and private healthcare organisations.

Our innovative technology, experience and understanding of the healthcare staff markets have ensured these contracts continue to deliver value and quality for money.

In the course of implementing and managing the initial contracts in 2013, we identified that the underlying high dependency on agency staff was driven by:
Significant levels of vacant posts
Inefficient rostering of substantive staff
Ineffective management of bank workers
Outdated technology

Although our managed service solutions were proving to be effective at driving cost efficiencies and improving the quality of agency supply, it was apparent we were only treating the symptoms, not the cause.

Real innovation – where it’s needed most

At this point, Clarity and Skillstream embarked on a programme to develop bespoke technology to encompass the entire healthcare workforce circle. The result of this was the Clarity product suite:

These products enable the NHS to maximise the utilisation of its workforce and reduce total costs without impacting patient care.

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