The Lord Carter Efficiency Calculator

In Lord Carter’s Operational productivity and performance in English NHS acute hospitals report, it was found that optimising staff resource can result in an increase in efficiency of 7% across the clinical workforce.

Use our Lord Carter Efficiency Calculator to find out what a 7% increase in workforce efficiency would mean for your trust/hospital.


Number of  substantive
staff in department/hospital:
Average agency/locum
cost per hour:

With a 7% increase in efficiency, your workforce will have the equivalent of an extra substantive staff; allowing you to save the following on agency spend


*Based on a 46 week year. 40 hours per week WTE


Carter specifically named e-rostering as one of the key tools trusts need to take advantage of to optimise their staff. His recommendations cite that all trusts are to put in place a fully integrated and utilised e rostering system by October 2018.

Several trusts may already have some sort of e rostering tool in place. But is it fully integrated? Is it fully utilised?

Clarityroster is the only demand-led, activity-based e-rostering tool on the market. It’s intuitive easy-to-use and takes the complexity out of rostering.

Find out how Clarityroster can open up capacity within your workforce today.

September 27, 2017

Ben Garner

Business Analyst