NHS Improvement publish guide to reduce reliance on medical locums

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NHS Improvement has published a guide for trust medical directors to ensure they are taking the necessary action to reduce their reliance on medical locums in six steps. It also contains case studies from trusts who have been successful in finding alternatives to using medical locums. The steps are:

  • Medical directors take greater control of workforce deployment, locum use and spending
  • Collect timely and accurate data
  • Develop alternatives to using locums
  • Introduce formal processes for requesting locums
  • Reduce future reliance on locums
  • Work supportively with local neighbours

Step 3 encourages the development of consistent policies on alternatives to locums, and states “Implementing electronic rostering or using existing rostering more effectively will identify surpluses and shortfalls.”

Find out how intuitive health rostering technology can benefit your organisation. Or read the complete guide on the NHSI website.


September 27, 2016

Lauren Kavanagh

Marketing Manager