Patient Level Information and Costing Systems

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PLICS: an acronym we can solve

What is PLICS?

Patient-level information and costing systems (PLICS) refer to NHS cost reporting methods that use the specific interactions a patient has and the events related to their care. This sits in contrast with some historic methods that simply use averages and apportionments – offering less accuracy. Ultimately, PLICS is about activity-based reporting, and accuracy.For NHS trusts PLICS is currently voluntary, with 80 trusts signed up. By 2019 however, it will be mandatory.

Why does it matter?

In April 2016 NHS Improvement introduced new Approved Costing Guidance, and PLICS was a key feature. These standards were further refined in January 2017.It’s been agreed that PLICS will ensure greater accuracy in how patient-level information is reported. And this in turn will ensure trusts have more accurate funding plans in place.

So, PLICS represents a clear opportunity for the NHS to score a cost-efficiency victory. That explains the renewed focus – and with patient care and taxpayer value in focus, it’s a timely initiative.

The opportunity for Clarity?

In a nutshell, PLICS is about activity-based reporting – and ClarityROSTER is the only rostering software that can truly deliver this. Activity-based planning and reporting is, after all, one of its stand-out features.Importantly, 60% of a trust’s patient-level activity (and therefore cost) is associated with staff. Clarity can help track this 60% with robust, real-time data. Better still, ClarityROSTER can help trusts to set a precedent that improves the way they report on the other 40% of their costs (drugs, equipment etc.).

Covering 60% of your PLICS reporting – a few approaches:

Software that’s built for PLICS reporting

PLICS reporting is under the microscope for NHS trusts, and for good reason. Accurate reporting means better reporting, and more cost efficiency. PLICS saves money.

ClarityROSTER, our industry-first e-rostering software, is tailor-made to get your reporting up to speed. That’s because it features activity-based planning and costing, helping you to meet PLICS demands and get a clearer picture of all patient-level information.

No other rostering software can give you this level of clarity.

Implementing PLICS into your reporting? We can help…

ClarityROSTER is perfectly suited to PLICS reporting, because it’s software that rosters and reports based on activity. That’s what separates Clarity from other e-rostering software on the market.

And because 60% of patient-level activity is delivered by staff, we can improve reporting on 60% of your costs. It’s modern, intuitive, and will give you the accurate, real-time data you need to improve your financial planning. Who knows, it could even help you to source more funding…

Implementing PLICS without rostering software? Impossible…

Without efficient rostering software, it will be challenging – and perhaps impossible – to implement robust PLICS reporting for your trust.

ClarityROSTER not only gives you the tools you need to become PLICS compliant, but it’s the only rostering software that includes activity-based reporting. In terms of future-proofing your trust, only Clarity can give you real peace of mind.

PLICS and ClarityROSTER: a perfect match for NHS improvement

While PLICS reporting is currently voluntary, before long it will be compulsory. Either way, it allows NHS trusts to get more visibility and control over their patient-level activity and spending – so it should appeal to everyone.

ClarityROSTER gives NHS trusts real-time, robust, activity-based reporting on all patient-level information. As the only rostering software that rosters by activity, it provides data in detail that can’t be matched. As a result, trusts can arm themselves with the information they need to make meaningful efficiency savings, or even secure more funding.

So, if PLICS is good for the NHS, ClarityROSTER is perfect for your trust.

PLICS might confuse some within the NHS, but not us.

That’s because we’ve created ClarityROSTER – the only e-rostering software that schedules and reports by activity. It’s a one-of-a-kind system that gives your trust visibility, control, and everything you need to be completely PLICS compliant.

Armed with all this clear and robust patient-level data, your trust can make better, more efficient decisions. With better accuracy, you’ll make better plans.

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March 29, 2017

Claire Billenness

Managing Director