Price caps: trusts struggle with mandatory weekly data return

Clarityroster screenshot "No shifts to display"

A widespread lack of access to accurate data has left trusts relying on agencies in order to meet weekly reporting requirements under the new agency staff price caps.

In the wake of the new price caps for agency staff set by Monitor and the TDA, a large number of trusts have very quickly realised the data they have access to on agency spend is severely lacking in both accuracy and detail…if it is even available at all.

This has left the majority of trusts with no option but to request manual reports from all of their supplying agencies, and to ‘hope for the best’ when it comes to meeting the weekly reporting deadlines.

With agencies working overtime to balance pressure from trusts to comply with the new caps, and holding on to their locums in an extremely competitive market, it appears the current challenges are set to continue, and potentially be compounded when the next cap levels come into force in February and April next year.

So how can trusts alleviate some of the pressure they are currently under to implement these drastic changes, whilst ensuring patient safety is not compromised? Utilising a powerful vacancy management platform like ClarityROSTER is one solution.

Our clients have access to a sophisticated and comprehensive data suite, allowing trust users to run custom reports on their entire temporary workforce spend, in real-time. As well as effectively automating the weekly price cap reporting process, the Clarity system’s vacancy management features and in-built rate controls make the process of implementing the new rules far less complicated and, importantly, put trusts firmly back in the driving seat.

Our dedicated account management team have a wealth of experience working with our NHS clients to harness the power of good data – identifying trends and savings opportunities, improving processes, and reducing the massive administrative burden trust teams are under.

If you would like to hear more about the Clarity technology solution, or the results we have delivered across the NHS, please get in touch and we would be happy to help.

December 7, 2015

Tom Gellett

Project Manager