Sustainability and Transformation Plans

Sustainability and Transformation Plans are driving improvements in health and social care. They’re doing this by providing care and support specific to the needs of local communities.

What are STPs?

Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) are an initiative designed to give 44 localities throughout the UK the opportunity to create their own long-term health and care plans. Local NHS and government leaders in each of these areas have come together to create proposals that deal with the distinct challenges facing them
Why were they introduced?

In 2014, NHS chief executive Simon Stevens announced a £30 billion funding gap between 2015 and 2020. He also announced that, with government support, he could implement major efficiency savings to narrow this gap.
These plans became known as the Five Year Forward View, which set out frontline reforms to the NHS as a whole. But to make these reforms work, he had to rouse local leaders and communities. STPs are the solution.
Why do they matter?

Broadly speaking, STPs matter because they encapsulate the NHS’ current struggle. Under-funded but over-subscribed, something has to give – and STPs are the latest means of the NHS attempting to squeeze more out of less.And because STPs relate directly to the NHS’ most fundamental challenges, the country has taken notice. One side says STPs are a ‘secret plan’ to mask funding cuts; the other says they’re a smart way of empowering local leaders to confront the challenge of modernising the NHS.
That’s the public view. For those making decisions about what their NHS trusts do next and how they can make local services more efficient, STPs matter because they intensify the pressure they were already under. Add to this the consensus that STPs are already drastically underfunded – funding is forecast to increase by just 0.9% over the next few years, compared to an annual historic average of 4% – and the problem is exacerbated.In short, STPs are front-of-mind for every senior NHS decision maker in every corner of the UK.
What is the opportunity for Clarity?

The STPs have already been released, and analysis shows that 45% of them make clear and direct reference to either changing certain local hospital services, or closing them completely.
Meanwhile, almost all of the plans talk about some sort of reconfiguration of care that could mean shifting care services from hospitals into the community.
All of this means big changes to the way NHS trusts operate. Care will move, services will change and hospitals will close. And this will have a knock-on effect on staff requirements – multi-disciplinary teams could be split across locations. That’s where Clarity can help.Additionally, STPs are fundamentally about saving money and therefore reducing agency spend. So STAFFBANK is also a good fit for obvious reason.

How Clarity can help…

Technology that transforms – just like your STPs

STPs will have complex consequences for NHS trusts, but one thing is for certain: changes will happen. And to manage those changes, your trust needs technology that can adapt quickly and easily.
ClarityROSTER is the only e-rostering platform currently available that can schedule multi-disciplinary teams across different locations. That means however your workforce changes, and wherever they go, you can continue to book, organise and analyse shifts in one, intuitive system. This will decrease the administrative burden, and enhance your cost efficiency.
With STPs, big changes are afoot. Clarity is an opportunity to make those changes easier to manage.

Clarity: rostering technology that cares

A key feature of many STPs is that care will be moved into communities to ease the pressure on hospitals. But to make this goal a reality, trusts will need rostering technology that can build multi-disciplinary teams within a community setting – a key feature of ClarityROSTER.

Unlike traditional rostering software, our technology is patient-centric – building teams based on activities and the care requirements of patients. This sets it apart from other technology providers, and will allow STPs to unfold without workforce complications.
The result? Efficiency savings and a smooth transition – much needed positives in the face of multi-faceted NHS challenges.

If hospitals are closing, how will you manage your changing workforce?

It’s clear that some STPs will lead to the closure of hospitals, with associated care needs being transferred to specialist care centres.

These are complex changes, and we’re acutely aware of the delicate balancing act a trust needs to perform. Money must be saved without compromising care, but hospital closures will always attract scrutiny. You need every bit of help available to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

And when it comes to how your workforce is affected, we can help. ClarityROSTER is the only e-rostering tool that can build multi-disciplinary teams across different locations on one screen. It’s intuitive, adaptive, and built to collaborate with other technology. This means that as your staff are moved around – perhaps providing care in the community across multiple locations – our software can organise, manage and analyse their shifts more efficiently than any other system. And that will save your trust time and money.

ClaritySTAFFBANK: efficient bank software for efficiency-driven STPs

STPs are, ultimately, about saving money and increasing efficiency. And a key feature of this is reducing agency spend.

Regional banks will become increasingly important – allowing you to collaborate with other trusts, share skills and fill crucial shift gaps quickly and efficiently. But to make this work, you’ll need bank software that’s equally efficient.

ClaritySTAFFBANK will not only meet these requirements – it will exceed your expectations. It’s built to collaborate with other technology; it posts multiple shifts in one click on one screen; it uses smart auto-matching technology to ensure vacancies are reliably filled. And with up-to-date compliance built in, plus streamlined payroll, it offers genuine peace of mind.

As your STP develops, you’ll need savvy bank technology to ensure you don’t have to rely on locum staff. ClaritySTAFFBANK has the answers.

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April 12, 2017

Claire Billenness

Managing Director