Birmingham City Council

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Clarity innovation saves Birmingham City Council over £1.5m

The challenge: provide better agency staff, and a smoother agency process

In 2015, Birmingham City Council (BCC) was on the hunt for a recruitment partner that could transform its children’s social care services.

The goals were varied. They wanted to find better agency staff, but also better retention rates and a smoother transition of temporary workers into permanent roles. They also wanted a more targeted process that specifically engaged children’s social care specialists. And perhaps most fundamentally, BCC wanted to address unfilled positions, diluted relationship management and a need to respond to urgent requirements more quickly and efficiently.

The solution: smart workforce technology supported by smart people

BCC tendered for a master vendor (MV) solution that would take complete control of workforce, payroll and retention. After careful consideration, HCL, supported by Clarity, was awarded the contract for the following reasons:

  • In-depth understanding of the market
  • Innovative workforce technological capabilities (including mobile application development)
  • Common values (collaboration, excellence, innovation, integrity and sustainability)
  • Industry leading compliance standards

Clarity managed the implementation of the contract. Teams including project management, IT, customer services and recruitment operations worked hand in hand with BCC. And importantly, careful attention was given to ensuring the implementation process had minimal impact on existing staff and services.

Remarkably, within just six weeks the technology was in place.

The outcome: 92% fill rate and £400k projected savings per year

Despite challenging timeframes and an all-encompassing brief, Clarity has helped BCC achieve the following results so far:

  • 92% fill rates on all vacancies
  • Projected savings on agency spend of £400k per year
  • Improved agency compliance using the Clarityagency technology solution
  • Bespoke reporting tools which give the council a transparent view of management information
  • Full automation of processes from vacancy requisition through to consolidated invoicing
  • A first-of-its-kind mobile app to improve staff engagement and retention
  • A comprehensive staff training schedule including guest speakers
  • The implementation of a temporary to permanent transition programme