Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

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Clarity transformation team saves Trust £1.7m

The challenge: reduce agency spend, increase efficiency

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (MYHT) serves a population of around half a million people living in the Wakefield and North Kirklees districts.

Following the successful implementation of a Clarity Master Vendor (MV) solution in 2014, the Trust sought to further reduce its dependency on off-framework agency medical locums, increase direct engagement conversions, improve service delivery and achieve operational and financial efficiencies.

The solution: smart, compliant, transformative technology

In August 2015, Clarity’s experienced team of advisors conducted a five day on-site diagnostic. Recommendations included:

Centralise booking team to manage rotas, bank and agency

The Trust did not have a consistent approach to rota planning across divisions. Locum requests
were often given to medical staffing co-ordinators (MSCs) at the last minute and decisions
about staff were often service-driven rather than cost-driven. In addition, MSCs were not required
to seek authorisation before turning to agencies to fill gaps in rotas, so there was no
accountability for overspending or use of off-framework agencies.

Relaunch Direct Engagement (DE) programme under Clarity

The Trust realised its take-up target of 80% of locums engaging directly with the Trust, rather
than through agencies, would be more easily achieved through Clarity. The team would have
the ability to influence and control the supply of locums through the Clarity technology, which easily identifies candidates eligible to be paid through DE.

Transfer off-framework spend through the MV agreement

Clarity put together a transition plan to completely remove off-framework supply of medical locums at MYHT.

Communications were sent to suppliers and candidates to explain the changes taking place, and all locums supplied off-framework were instructed to register with the MYHT in-house staff bank or with an approved agency. Then, off-framework agencies were migrated through the MV process as part of the second tier supply chain to ensure that clinical compliance and pricing was in line with the framework agreement. No services were disengaged without a viable alternative to ensure safe delivery and continuity of patient care.

The outcome

  • New centralised medical staffing structure ensures clarity and visibility on all bookings Trust-wide, and full adherence to contractual compliance and rates
  • The Clarity technology system has given the Trust access to real-time management information and transparency on workforce data. This saves money through more efficient scheduling and faster identification of skills gaps and high-spend areas
  • All off-framework suppliers have been migrated through Clarity, ensuring all medical locums are supplied via approved rates and compliance standards
  • The relaunch of DE at the Trust has created savings of £1.7m over 18 months
  • The percentage of staff working through DE has now risen to 62.78%