NHSI’s 3 step strategy to shift agency workers into staff banks

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At a recent REC Health and Social Care Group meeting, NHS Improvement announced that their “key objective is shifting agency workers back into more cost-effective bank settings” and they will be supporting trusts and STPs to introduce collaborative staff banks in an attempt to reduce reliance on medical locums and decrease agency expenditure.

A three part bank strategy will be implemented to achieve this:

Step Strategy Approach
1 Improve use of existing banks NHSI will shared best practice and support peer learning through:
a) Case studies and best practice toolkit
b) Two bank launch events in to bring together trusts and share learnings
2 Extend the reach and scope of existing banks By December 2017:
Increase proportion of medical temporary shifts filled by bank
Have 90% of trusts with a medical bank in development/delivery
3 Promote collaborative approaches to reducing agency spend By December 2017:
Have a collaborative bank in development/delivery in every STP footprint


What is a collaborative staff bank?
You can bank on mobile
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November 13, 2017

Lauren Kavanagh

Marketing Manager