Clarityagency has been designed specifically for the health and care markets and works across any organisation structure and across all staff groups, including community settings. The intuitive technology automates the deployment and management of quality, compliant temporary staff through supply chain management and accurate management information. It works seamlessly with Claritystaffbank and Clarityroster, and allows trusts to engage with their temporary, contingent workforce in an efficient, compliant and cost-effective way as it gives complete visibility and control. In real time, managers are able to know who, where and what the cost of their flexible workforce is at any time.

This system is easy to use, ensures adherence to procurement framework regulations and cuts agency spend. Combine this with additional savings through back office efficiency, improved patient care and better management of the agency supply chain – it makes for a powerful solution.

To ensure maximum flexibility, the software has the ability to manage all or just one specific staff group and it can be easily configured to a client’s requirements.

The best performing hospital systems around the world have real-time monitoring and reporting at their fingertips enabling them to make decisions on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to improve quality and efficiency performance.

Lord Carter

It’s available on a master vendor or neutral vendor basis – giving you choice over how you control your supply chain.

Lord Carter recommends that all Trusts put in place a fully integrated and utilised e-rostering system by October 2018.

Several trusts already have some form of e-rostering system in place. But often this is out-dated, difficult to navigate and not flexible enough to deal with the peaks and troughs of patient demand.

Clarityroster is the only demand-led, activity-based, intuitive e-rostering tool available to the healthcare market. Its easy-to-use interface takes the complexity out of rostering and opens up latent capacity within your workforce.

Vacancy publishing to bank staff - fast and easy

Once the rostering process is complete and the bank fully exhausted, the software quickly publishes the vacancies to the approved agency supply chain. By specifying your preferences including reason for hire, grade and specialty, you’re able to effectively target vacant shifts to the most appropriate agency worker.

Vacancies can be published and filled faster than ever before with the ability to post multiple shifts on one screen, in just one click.

Robust compliance

Clarityagency k is compliant with Working Time Directives and the new Junior Doctor contract; giving you peace of mind that your agency staff is working within prescribed directives. Furthermore, should any compliance document be due to expire, this will be highlighted and flagged before it impacts the roster.

Auto-matching and self-filling

Auto-matching technology ensures suitably qualified and available candidates are allocated to vacant shifts. Unnecessary administration is removed, and time and money is saved.

Self-filling can be turned on or off to your preference. With preferred candidates, you can choose who you would like to fill a vacancy at shift publication. These candidates have first refusal on desired shifts and can self-fill themselves directly into it.

Streamlined payroll and self-billing

Clarityagency offers streamlined payroll, electronic timesheets and expense claims.  Automated self billing (invoicing) saves hours of administrative time and 100% accuracy

That means less manual input, more time for you – and more shifts filled.

Data when and how you need it

Management information is presented real-time via dynamic Tableau dashboards – configured to your specific requirements.  Unlimited reporting on activity, costs and trends is available on demand.

Direct Engagement: a little idea that saves a lot of money

in partnership with 

Direct Engagement allows you to engage staff directly, reducing the VAT applicable on salaries. It’s a smart, simple feature of our managed services that saves trusts thousands.

While it’s not a standalone product and must be incorporated as part of an agency agreement, it can offer VAT and efficiency savings of up to 20%. It’s simple, fully automated and transparent – and completely integrated with all our software.

Neutral vendor: we’ll manage a wide network of approved suppliers

Today, Clarity has over 85 framework-approved agencies participating in our Partnership Program. However, under a neutral vendor agreement, we remain your single point of contact and rate negotiations and administration become our responsibility – leaving us to manage the sometimes ‘difficult conversations’ can bring significant savings in time and money.

Under a neutral vendor model, our Partnership team identifies suitable framework agencies to build an Approved Suppliers List (ASL) on behalf of the contracting customer. All vacant posts (or shifts) are offered to these suppliers in accordance with the customer’s preferred cascade (tiered approach). The Partnership team works closely with the supplying agencies to ensure fill rates are maintained within capped rates and all workers meet strict clinical compliance requirements in accordance with framework requirements. This model works well for trusts with challenging recruitment needs.

Master vendor: the technology behind the operation

Clarityagency offers efficiency and simplicity to any healthcare organisation wishing to engage in a master vendor process. Our technology works alongside a chosen staffing agency to fill vacancies as they appear. And, in the event that the chosen agency can’t fill a position, Clarityagency will cascade vacancies to an audited and pre-approved list of secondary recruiters; taking away the burden of recruitment.

Then you can focus on what really matters: patient care.

“Clarity’s innovative technology provided Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust with real-time management information which allowed us to regain control over temporary staffing and identify opportunities to reduce agency spend and use. The insights gained from this system will save the Trust at least £650K”

Sarah Holliehead, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Know who, where and what the cost of your flexible workforce is at any time

Clarityagency automates the deployment and management of quality, compliant temporary staff through supply chain management and accurate management information.


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