What is Clarityroster?

The NHS is by far the biggest and most complex employer in the UK and, as such, demands a sophisticated approach to designing staff rotas. Get it wrong and it becomes a costly affair with extended patient waiting times, demotivated employees and worryingly, higher risks to patient safety. Get it right and you reduce costs, engage your employees and importantly, deliver better patient care.

Lord Carter recommends that all Trusts put in place a fully integrated and utilised e-rostering system by October 2018.

Several trusts already have some form of e-rostering system in place. But often this is outdated, difficult to navigate and not flexible enough to deal with the peaks and troughs of patient demand.

Clarityroster is the only demand-led, activity-based, intuitive e-rostering tool available to the healthcare market. Its easy-to-use interface takes the complexity out of rostering and opens up latent capacity within your workforce.

A firmer grip of rostering will reduce the dependency on bank and agency staff whilst also improving the predictability and consistency of staff deployment even where recruitment is still a challenge.

Lord Carter’s ‘Operational productivity and performance in English NHS acute hospitals” report, Feb 2016

Our e-rostering system features

 Single screen
 Automated rostering of bank and agency staff
 Easily swaps shifts and books in annual leave without compromising patient care

 Fully supported implementation
 Optimised across devices
 Same time rostering for multiple staff groups
 Integrates seamlessly into NHS specific technology and bank and agency management systems, including Clarityagency and Claritystaffbank  

The benefits of Clarityroster e-rostering

Better use of substantive staff

Identify shift patterns, absence, key skills shortages and future gaps

Less rota gaps

Reduced reliance on agency

Better future resource planning

Safe staffing levels

Powerful management data

Better patient care

See our e-rostering system in action

Clarityroster is the only activity based, demand-led, intuitive e-rostering system available to the NHS & healthcare markets. Its easy-to-use interface will help you take the complexity out of rostering to open up latent capacity within your workforce and improve its efficiency. Find out more about what makes Clarity Workforce Technology different!

“I have seen the potential of the Clarityroster system and feel sure it is the most efficient way of managing ALL clinical rosters and staff supply in both Acute and Community NHS settings in the future.

Firstly, it provides a SAFE umbrella platform to host all substantive, bank and agency workers, doctors job planning and existing nurse rostering systems.

In bringing those systems together, it is able to create a multi-disciplinary team roster based on the premise that skills should be a critical factor in planning how to accommodate individual working patterns and maximise shift availability of all professions.

Having implemented numerous roster systems in my career, Clarityroster is the only system that will help Trusts maximise the benefits realisation of their existing systems and develop new ways of tackling the ever increasing problem of an over reliance on a temporary workforce. Finally, it provides real time data to better aid staffing on a day to day basis.
I would urge all Trusts to book a demonstration of the system to see how it could help them maximise their current workforce availability.”

Bev Edgar, Ex HR Director of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust


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