NHS Trusts are under continued pressure to reduce their agency spend and move more staff onto an in-house bank.

Claritystaffbank has been designed specifically for the health and care markets and works across any organisation structure and across all staff groups, including community settings. It is an easy-to-use tool that creates an internal database of compliant, qualified staff who are available to fill gaps within your roster. It offers a more efficient and flexible alternative to rigid traditional models.

Vacancy publishing to bank staff - fast and easy

Vacancies can be published and filled faster than ever before with the ability to post multiple shifts on one screen, in just one click.

Once the rostering process is complete and rota gaps have been identified, the software quickly matches shift gaps with available resource. By specifying your preferences including reason for hire, grade and specialty, you’re able to effectively target vacant shifts to the most appropriate bank staff.

Self registration

Administration costs time and money. Reduce reliance on manual input by allowing candidates to self register to your bank. Once they have submitted their details, you can verify them with ease.

Robust compliance

Claritystaffbank is compliant with Working Time Directives and the new Junior Doctor contract; giving you peace of mind that your bank staff are working the optimal number of hours. Furthermore, should any compliance document be due to expire, this will be highlighted in the system before it affects the efficiency of your bank.

Auto-matching and self-filling

Auto-matching technology ensures suitably qualified and available candidates are allocated to vacant shifts. Unnecessary administration is removed, and time and money is saved.  Additionally,  candidate can self-register and self-select shifts; the technology can SMS workers the second vacancies become available. That means less manual input, more time for you – and more shifts filled.

Self-filling can be turned on or off to your preference. With preferred candidates, you can choose who you would like to fill a vacancy at shift publication. These candidates have first refusal on desired shifts and can self-fill themselves directly into it.

Update availability online

Candidates can specify availability/unavailability into days, hours and minutes; enabling a comprehensive snapshot of the whereabouts of your workforce.

Streamlined payroll

Claritystaffbank offers streamlined payroll, electronic timesheets and expense claims and is fully HMRC compliant.

Data when and how you need it

Our compliance-focused technology ensures employment records are updated in real-time and fully customisable management reports are easily available. This allows you to keep in check with Working Time Directives, and plan for PLICS-approved reporting. Unlimited reporting on activity, costs and trends is available on demand, presented real-time via dynamic Tableau dashboards – configured to your specific requirements.

Mobile App

Available on both the Play Store and Apple Store, the Claritystaffbank mobile app allows clients and candidates to manage shifts, timesheets, compliance documents and more on-the-go, at any time.

See it in action

Claritystaffbank is an easy-to-use tool that allows NHS Trusts to create an internal pool of compliant, qualified staff that are available to fill gaps within the roster. It offers a more efficient and flexible alternative to traditional rigid models.


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