Useful resources

We have compiled a collection of useful articles, guides, case studies and more from various sources (such as NHS England and NHS Improvement) which support trusts and private healthcare organisations in maximising their workforce. From management of locum staff, to rostering and digital innovation – we believe there is something here to benefit every workforce.

If you come across anything that you think would be a valuable addition to this page, please let us know.

Practical guides / Best practice

A best practice guide for consultant job planning
Advice for trusts to ensure that their approach to consultant job planning is consistent with best practice.

Recipe for good workforce planning
A platform for best practice that facilitates peer support through a discussion forum.

Reducing reliance on medical locums: a practical guide for medical directors
This guide provides a list against which medical directors can check they’re taking the necessary action to reduce their reliance on medical locums.

Rostering: good practice
Guide to help trusts to deliver the Carter Review recommendations by easily identifying areas of improvement within their current rostering practices.

Demand Management Good Practice Guide
This guidance is to support commissioners and providers to effectively manage demand for NHS services.

Leading Large Scale Change: A practical guide
A guide to leading large scale change through complex health and social care environments.

Effective management of temporary staffing
This guidance was produced after 60 NHS HR professionals came together at an NHS Employers workforce supply event, focusing how organisations can more effectively manage their temporary staff and reduce their reliance and spend on agency workers.

Consultant job planning – supporting good practice
Guidance for managers and consultants to support good practice in the job planning process.

Improving Staff Retention: A Guide for Employers
A guide developed from work which took place during 2016-17 where NHS Employers engaged a large number of NHS organisations to help equip them with tools and resources to shape and implement effective workforce retention plans.

ESR can support your retention strategy
Find out how to get the most out of ESR, and your workforce data in this slideshow.

How to: use shift systems and workforce planning to effectively reduce costs
A guide to assist organisations in reducing their expenditure on agency and locum staff, it provides advice to trusts on a range of effective ways to reduce costs through the use of workforce planning, shift systems and maintenance of appropriate staffing levels.

Six steps methodology to integrated workforce planning
A practical approach to planning that aims to ensure you have a workforce of the right size with the right skills and competencies.

The support workforce: developing your patient-facing staff for the future
This briefing explains why employers need to assess the shape of their workforce and invest in the development of their support workers to ensure both flexibility and sustainability in workforce supply.

The Model Hospital
The Model Hospital is a digital information service designed to help NHS providers improve their productivity and efficiency.

Case studies

How workforce transformation boosted junior doctor morale
How Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust transformed their workforce to address low morale in junior doctors.

Success story – Safer hospitals, safer wards technology fund, Cumbria CCG
Cumbria CCG sought an innovative e-referral and resource matching system that would ultimately incorporate all health and care organisations across Cumbria.

Reducing agency spend case studies and resources
A number of case studies which showcase good practice from within NHS organisations. These are based on the five high impact changes and they offer examples of how each of the high impact actions can be translated into practical steps that can lead to both a significant increase in the quality of care and a reduction in the organisation’s expenditure on temporary staffing.

Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust – e-rostering to reduce agency spend
E-rostering has helped Hertfordshire Partnership NHS FT to save more than £750,000 over three years and understand the total resources they have available at any one time. Now in the second phase of the project they are rolling it out across the trust.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust – Reducing agency locum costs
United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust commissioned a report to investigate the high spend on locum doctors. The trust introduced a pilot locum booking system aimed at reducing locum costs and improving management control issues.

Safe sustainable and productive staffing: case studies
How providers and commissioners are working to ensure they are providing safe and sustainable staffing.


NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement: Thinking differently
An introductory guide to get you started on a journey of thinking differently

A consultant’s view: managing demand and capacity in the NHS
Adhiraj Joglekar, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, gives his views on modelling techniques and matching workforce capacity to demand in the NHS.

Involving staff in improvement
Watch these digital discussions on ways of engaging and developing staff to embed and sustain improvement as part of everyday health and care.


Clinical staff shortages
A workforce analysis of clinical staff shortages and how NHS Improvement will help providers respond to these shortages.

Lord Carter report: Operational productivity and performance in English NHS acute hospitals
Lord Carter’s review of efficiency in hospitals shows how large savings can be made by the NHS

Sustainable Development Management Plan for NHS England 2016-18
This plan shows how NHS England will encourage smarter ways of working creating a workplace culture that has a positive impact on our business, health and well-being of their workforce.

NHS Five Year Forward View
The NHS Five Year Forward View was published in October 2014 and sets out a new shared vision for the future of the NHS based around the new models of care.

Wachter Review
The Wachter Review outlined 10 recommendations to inform the English health and care system’s approach to the further implementation of IT in healthcare.

Tableau: Enable analytics for better patient care
For healthcare providers, today’s analytics and insights could make the difference in tomorrow’s clinical outcomes.


Modelling your multidisciplinary team co-ordinator (MDTC) workforce
This model allows providers to calculate the number of MDTCs required to adequately deal with the workload demanded of them.

Staff workload tracker tool (elective care)
This tool allows staff groups such as multidisciplinary team (MDT) co-ordinators to track the important areas of their activity and assess the time spent on each over a week.

Diagnostic tools to help reduce agency spend
This tool has been developed with pilot sites and will allow you to diagnose issues, decide ways forward and implement improvements quickly.

The Lord Carter Efficiency Calculator
In his report on operational productivity and performance in English NHS acute hospitals, Lord Carter found that optimising staff resource can result in an increase in efficiency of 7% across the clinical workforce. Use this calculator to see what a 7% increased efficiency would mean for your trust.

NHS Efficiency Map
A tool that promotes best practice in identifying, delivering and monitoring cost improvement programmes (CIPs) in the NHS.

My NHS Beta products
My NHS is trialling new tools and products to help use performance data, including:
comparing performance of mental health trusts over time;
building  a custom view of hospital data;
getting open data to power your own tools, reports and products.


CCS G Cloud 9
This framework is for use by UK Public Sector bodies which allows them to choose and purchase cloud computing services covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services.

CCS Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel
This is an NHS Improvement approved framework through which you can source all your clinical staff needs via a single solution.

CCS Workforce Management
This agreement is for the provision of services related to the flexible and effective use of workforce resources.

CCS Allied Health Professionals Health Science and Emergency Services Temporary Staff
This agreement gives a compliant and cost-effective route to allied health professionals (AHP), health science services (HSS) and emergency services (ES) temporary staff, covering the full range of Agenda for Change bands and NHS Employers job profiles.

NHS CPP National Clinical Staffing Framework
This framework provides access to temporary and permanent staff for a wide range of clinical roles

East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub
A wide range of framework agreements and contracts which provide a number of benefits including cash saving opportunities, legal compliance and instant access without the need for members to run their own individual procurements.

HealthTrust Europe Total Workforce Solutions
This framework supports trusts to achieve greater control over agency staff administration and costs while making it easy to comply with NHS Improvement mandates.

Data and statistics

NHS Digital workforce data
Information on the NHS provider workforce.

Clarity Workforce Technology: Infographic
A handy summary of our products and services, and the results achieved by many of our clients

Implementation & Support, an infographic
Find out how long a system implementation takes and the type of support you should expect to receive in this useful infographic

NHS Digital workforce data
Information on the NHS provider workforce.

FOI trust rankings on agency spend
A full list of all trusts ranked from best to worst on performance against agency spending rules.

NHS workforce infographic
A range a stats and facts about employees in the NHS in England.

The Five Year Forward View – Infographic
A simple overview of the NHS Five Year Forward View and its goals.